This is only a selection of the Laboratory Glassware we produce. If your item is not here please contact our sales team to enquire further

Adaptors –  Quartz cone & socket adaptors to fit and adapt your existing labware
BeakersTall or short form with or without rim/spout
Capillary tubesDiameter, bore & Length made to you request
Cells & Cuvettes– Quartz Cuvette & borosilicate optical cells for light transmission from red-uv
Combustion Boats
Combustion Tubes
Crucibles Low/medium & high form melting crucibles
Dewars – Silvered & Vacuated , Quartz or Suprasil – made to your specification
Distillation Flask – Middle neck with socket joints
Dropping Funnels
Flasks – Boiling/Conical/Flat Bottom from 50ml to 3 litre
Graded Seals – Quartz to Pyrex/Kovar/Stainless Steel
ICP Torches & Accessories
Interchangeable Joints
Microscope Slides
MOVD Reactors
Optical Windows & Quartz Plate
Polished Quartz
Porous Filtering Units
Protoype Glassware
Quartz Tube &  Quartz Rod
Quartz Properties
Reaction Vessels
Screw Threads
Separation Funnels
Sintered Discs
Spray Chambers
Tubing & Rod – Micro tubing up to 300mm diameter

Thermocouple & Heating Element Encasement

UV Plates & Discs
Wool – Available in 4 – 30 micron diameter. Bag sizes from 10gram – 1kg
White Quartz – Also known as Translucent, Satin or Milky Quartz
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