Microscope Slides

Quartz Microscope Slides & Quartz Cover Slips

Due to the excellent transmission of Quartz glass, Quartz microscope slides and Quartz cover slips are recommended for most applications involving chemical microscopy, in order to be sure that nothing is “lost” due to absorption in a glass slide. The use of quartz microscope slides and Quartz cover slips are also recommended whenever UV microscopy is contemplated, including UV confocal microscopy because of the high UV transparency of quartz.

Standard size of Quartz Microscope slides are 75mm x 25mm x 1mm & 2mm thickĀ 

0.5mm thick & 3mm thick are held as stock items. We also hold other sizes and thickness, please contact our sales staff for further information

Synthetic Quartz Microscope slides are also available as stock items. We hold both Suprasil Quartz Microscope Slides or Spectrosil Quartz Microscope Slides

Measurements 75mm x 25mm x 0.5mm, 1mm, 2mm & 3mm as standard