Fused Quartz & Silica

  1. General

Products included in this catagorisation comprise

                        Industrial & Laboratory Ware

                        Tubing (all grades transparent & translucent)

                        Ingot & optical components

  1. Safety Data

2.1       Fire & Explosion Risk:          No hazard, however hollow wares or windows subject to pressure or vacuum should be designed to withstand the service conditions

2.2       Industrial Hygiene Information

            Inhalation:      The dust arising from cutting & grinding.

Operations of the fumes that can arise from Flame working are subject to the following recommendations (long term exposure limit 8 hour TWA value – see HSE Guidance Note EH40, 1988

Silica, Fused     Total inhalable dust       0.3mg/m3

                                                                       Respirable dust 0.1mg/m3

2.3       Skin Contact:             Inert

2.4       Eye Contact:              Inert irritant

2.3              Protection Safeguards – Dust

General recommendation is that products should ce cut or ground using liquid coolant/lubricant (e.g. water). Where dust might escape to atmosphere, this should be contained by the installation of efficient local exhaust ventilation (vented to atmosphere via filter)

Where dust containment at source is impractical, an approved type of dust respirator must be worn.