Quartz Wool

Quartz Wool is made from pure Quartz fibre & it displays all the characteristics of Quartz glass yet has the feel of cotton wool. This makes Quartz Wool indispensible when flexibility of filtration is required.

Quartz Wool is available in sealed bags from 10 grams up to 1kg . Available in:

  •  Ultrafine (2 micron diameter), 
  •  Fine   (4 micron diameter) 
  •  Coarse  (9 – 30micron diameter)

   Uses include

  • High temperature insulation, up to 1050 Centigrade (long term exposure). Excellent Heat Resistant insulation
  • Filtration of high temperature corrosive gases & liquids due to its excellent chemical resistance
  • Barrier plug for combustion tubes.
  • Furnace insulation, low thermal shock – high electrical resistivity
  • Asbestos replacement & low odourQuartz Wool 4 micron strand

  Caution: Protective gloves and mask should be warn at all times when handling Quartz Wool or Quartz Fibres