Cells & Cuvettes

All Spectrophotometer and Fluorimeter Cells are available in fused or bonded finish

Cleaning of Cells

H. Baumbach & Co are now able to offer you apparatus for dust-free cleaning of small glass devices made of Borosilicate glass 3.3

The measuring quality during measurements with spectrophotometers, florescent spectrophotometers, colorimeters and polarimeters, but especially in light diffusion, depends decisively on the purity of the used cells.

This apparatus guarantees the continuous washing of these cells with hot fresh condensed solvent and ensures the necessary particle purity of the light diffusion.  Additionally the bent seal, provided with a frit, avoid that dust particles from outside can get into the apparatus.

Several glassware devices can be cleaned at the same time.  Due to its construction, a use of various inserts is possible.  This enables the user to wash, besides cells, also small flasks or sample glasses etc.

The solvent condensed at the cooling finger, drips into the bent-ascending pipe.  Through this pipe the pure solvent is pressed ahead through the spraying nozzle by the steam pressure.

The devices, put over the nozzle, are washed.  Due to the large dripping rim at the intensive condenser, the reflux condensation drops into the glassware.  Thus the outside cleaning of the devices is possible.  The cleansing solvent returns to the flask via the reflux tube.

A high level of safety and operational comfort is reached by a continuous use of flat grinds with FEP coated O rings.

The used flanges and FEP Coated seals allow grease-free work, thus avoiding impurities during the cleaning process.